New in the Media Cloud: Trimming Tool, Player Improvements, API Extensions, New Subtitle File Formats

We’re always working hard to make the Media Cloud better for you and your team, and we are excited to share some updates with you! Here are a few new features and extensions we added to your Media Cloud account.

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Trimming Tool for Live-to-VOD Cloud Recordings

No need to trim your recordings in the Classic Control Center anymore. We built a brand new one for the Media Cloud.

Watch the Video Tutorial

Lightcast Player improvements

  • When viewing on-demand content in the Lightcast Player, there is a new icon next to the play button that allows the viewer/listener to jump back 10 seconds in the playback.
  • You can now hide the “EVENTS” icon in the Live Channel Player if there are currently no events scheduled.
  • Whats App sharing tool has been added in the Lightcast Player Sharing tool, G+ was removed and StumbleUpon has been changed to Mix

LightcastAPI extensions

It is now possible to retrieve following new actions using the Lightcast API:

  • creating a Media Group
  • updating a Media Group
  • uploading a thumbnail for a Media Group
  • adding media to Media Groups when creating or updating media
  • deleting a Media Group
  • adding/updating keywords when creating or updating media
  • uploading of subtitles
  • retrieving the media of a specific Sub Channel
  • returning of Sub Channel details when getting information about channels
  • retrieving the upcoming 24/7 Schedule for the next 90 days

Please find more information in the LightcastAPI documentation at

Using encoded versions of videos for social sharing

When uploading a video to Facebook or YouTube we now use the highest encoded version of the video instead of the original video. This is to ensure that for videos, which are trimmed or have watermarks, Facebook and YouTube are displaying the proper version. It also ensures that the videos are fully compatible with the newest releases of these two platforms.

Support of new subtitle files

We now support the uploading of VTT files for subtitles besides the standard SRT file format.

If you have any questions about what’s new, just send an email to We love to hear from you!