Use Lightcast's patented Control Centers!

Lightcast has developed some cutting-edge features which make life easier for our clients and help staying focused on their core business. The most value in our life time is actually time itself and to focus on the most important things in your business is worth a million bucks. With Lightcast's sophisticated and easy-to-use Control Centers you can manage all your social media and video marketing efforts at once. You can administrate all your video uploads and media archive as well as all your social account updates like Twitter tweets, Facebook status updates, blogs, notes and events.

You don't use your Control Centers yet? Feel free to ask our Lightcast Care-Customer Support via your dedicated Media Coach. We are there to help you through!

If you aren't a Lightcast Customer yet but would like to know more about our Social Media or Video Service Department, you can schedule a call-back through our contact form on We are looking forward hearing from you!

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