Free Roku Channel!

This offer is exclusive to attendees of Catalyst 2012. All Catalyst 2012 attendees automatically receive a free custom Roku Channel and an iTunes Videopodcast Channel at a total value of $ 5,000.00 with any Lightcast video hosting subscription activated between now and the last day of Catalyst 2012. Video hosting plans start at only $99/month.

Extend your (out)reach through new set-top box and SmartTV outlets and watch your audience grow - around the corner and around the world. Make your online media and your broadcast Dollars travel further than ever before and track your worldwide viewership in realtime with extensive reporting tools. It has never been so affordable and rewarding to reach people with your media content. - amplifying your message to the world!
Your custom Roku Channel allows you to reach over 20 million viewers on their big-screen-TVs at home and in offices across America and the rest of the world.
Your iTunes Videopodcast Channel allows you to reach over 100 million iTunes users, plus homes and offices equipped with AppleTV set-top boxes.
Order today with promotion code "Catalyst2012" on and receive a Roku Box shipped to you as a free gift, allowing you to watch your new custom Roku Channel instantly!

Your Lightcast Care Team!