2013 - The Year to "Go Public"!

As the new year begins we all have anticipations and hope to be able to sense and “feel out” what we are called to focus on this year.

I believe it is a perfect time to “Go Public” – with your services, your events, your message, your talents, your knowledge, your wisdom. Bring it out into the open – share it with those you haven’t reached before.

If you have ever considered to publish more media on your website, stream your events live and distribute your media content online, on mobile and on set-top boxes and TVs – this is the year to “Go Public” – with all that you’ve got!

It's now or never - and here is why:

1. Prices have come down: it has never been so affordable to stream live, build online media archives and distribute to various devices. While just 2-3 years ago it wasn’t uncommon for churches and non-profits with average viewerships of less than 10k viewers/month to be in 1-3k/month long-term contracts (sometimes locked in for 3 years or more!) – times have dramatically changed.
2. It is now possible to get short-term contracts with decked out end-to-end media services for both live-streaming, transcoding service and VOD hosting on worldwide tier-1 CDNs for 300-700 bucks per month for average weekly viewerships of twice the number of viewers.
3. Easy to get started: technology has progressed and has become a lot more user friendly. This helps with an easy start. While in the past you had to hire expert skills to configure encoders, develop players and thumbnail galleries and integrate all of that on your website, it can now be done by anyone who get’s the right tools and “end-to-end” package service.
4. Efficiency: never has it been so easy to reach thousands of viewers with your messages, services and products with the right online media distribution strategy. While a few years ago everything was focused on and limited to your corporate website, your media can now travel so much further: onto mobile devices (through mobile sites and apps), onto TV screens (through set-top boxes and SmartTVs), onto PCs and Laptops (through your website and through various social media channels).

Take advantage of a year full of new opportunities and extend your reach even further. Your message, your products, your services and your greatly produced media have deserved it!