Growth Strategies 3: Online Media Distribution

What is marketing actually? Well, there are plenty of definitions, but let me dare to reduce it down to the main thing: maximizing reach. Why? Because it is the underlying dynamic to build up momentum for growth – any type of growth.

Growth of revenue requires growth of sales-conversion, which requires growing lead acquisition, which requires a growing reach. Customers (or followers, members, donors) are first of all people in need of something and you are the provider of the solution. All you need to do is bring the two together and you have a sale. You have to make demand and supply collide. But how?

How can we reach those who actually need what we provide and are currently looking for it?

We have to REACH them! We have to REACH OUT to those who are in need and are looking for our service/ministry/product. This is just as true for any business as it is for any church or not-for-profit in this world!

Now, in order to REACH OUT we have to increase our current reach. It is always necessary to increase the reach if we want to increase the results (which is the growth).

One way to do that is to utilize online media. Nothing can be pulished and shared as easily as a video (or an entire library) and a live-stream.

In order to maximize the reach (thus impact) of online media – it is important to distribute the media (VOD and LIVE) as widely and as efficiently as possible, utilizing as many available outlets as possible.

What’s an “outlet”?

An outlet is any platform you can publish your video content and live-streams to and may include:

- Your Website(s) (your corporate websites, your online media campus)
- Your Social Sites (you may be able to integrate custom VOD and live players on certain social networks such as Facebook)
- Your Mobile Apps (integrating your media on your iOS and Android Apps)
- Public Video Platforms (such as YouTube, CROSS.TV or Dailymotion)
- iTunes (making VOD available to all iTunes users via AppleTVs, iOS devices and stationary computers)
- Set-Top-Boxes (such as Roku, GoogleTV and other Android-based Set-Top-Boxes)
- SmartTVs (such as Samung’s SmartTV platform. Still in an early development stage, but with increasing relevance)

How many of these outlets are you already publishing to? How efficient (time-saving and cost-saving) is your setup and publishing process?

It can be automated with the right service. The Lightcast Premium Media Distribution and Marketing Service offers a solution as part of its cost-efficient service packages. It doesn’t cost you anything - it’s all included in any Lightcast service subscription.

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