Check out the New Account Area and Help Box!

We listen very closely on what Lightcast Customers say about our products and services, and we appreciate all of their suggestions and feedback very much. What you need is important to us and drives us to become better and better.

A few days ago we launched the new account page with great new help tools and features. It can be found in your account under "account" and contains a Tech Survey, Roku App information for your Roku Channel, all your broadcast outlets and the help area. All in one place and easy to find!

The other improvement took place in your Control Center: we removed the 24/7 channel beta product and replaced it by the new Help Box with useful information about the very first steps after signing up on, how to use your account, how to set up your live encoder and many more support features. No worries, you won't be lost anymore in the expansive universe of your Lightcast account!

Should you have any questions about the new account area or anything else, please feel free to send an email to customercare[at] . We are looking forward hearing from you!

Keep on looking into your account! In the upcoming weeks we will release many more great features and help tools from which you will benefit a lot.

Your Lightcast Care Team!

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