How to make money with your Roku Channel

Get ready to make some money with your Roku Channel and with other SmartTV Apps! Why should you be paying for your CDN and OVP costs in the first place? Yes, your donors, supporters or customers pay for it somehow – but still – wouldn’t it be great if your online media and marketing initiatives would pay for themselves and generate additional revenue?

What if your streaming media publishing would actually turn into a new source of funding?

How? You’re in luck: just ask for a free consultation with a Lightcast Media Strategist.

Here are a few options Lightcast offers to its clients:

1. Video Ad Revenue: pre-roll and post-roll video ads can generate revenue on your Roku Channel, GoogleTV App and

other SmartTV publishing outlets.

2. Banner Ad Revenue: service- and content-oriented ads can generate revenue for you 24/7 on your website, Media

Campus and embedded Lightcast Media Players.

3. Sponsor & Product Placement: on your SmartTV Apps, mobile apps and websites.

4. Subscription Offers: Lightcast EasyPay offers a package-solution for integration of subscription offers, subscriber &

customer management and recurring end-to-end payment services on your SmartTV apps, mobile apps, social sites

and websites.

5. Donation Services: Lightcast EasyPay offers smart one-time and recurring donation processing on your SmartTV

apps, mobile apps, websites, social sites and online media campus.

Simply request a free consultation with a Lightcast Media Specialist:

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