Best-in-class Customer Retention of 98.6%!

We are proud and grateful to have such a wonderful base of clients who work for fantastic causes, produce exciting media and are changing the world for the better. What a privilege to work for each and everyone of our clients entities, projects and visions. Click here to see some of our featured clients, their projects and what they say about We regard it a great honor and want to take the opportunity to say "thank you" for your trust and dedication, and for giving us the opportunity to serve, develop and grow along with you.


As we recently looked at some numbers we were in amazement over the extremely high retention rate. We feel humbled by the average annual retention rate of 98.6% we have seen over the past years as this number is surprisingly high for our industry and for the times we live in. We are thankful to both our amazing clients and our customer care team, our web and app production department and our fantastic tech support who are giving their very best every day, squeezing even the last drop out of today's technologies. Thank you everyone! We are excited, dedicated and motivated for the upcoming years - developing, growing, advancing and refining our applications and services.

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