Save time with media publishing automation!

Did you know that you don't have to record video and audio locally any longer? That you could stream a 2+ mbit HD stream, have it recorded, send it into transcoding for maximum device compatibility, add your meta-data, have an audio version auto-transcoded, make your channel and outlet assignments, have everything published automatically and bitrate-adaptively on your websites, media campus, social sites, mobile apps and ConnectedTV channels; and then track your viewership in one place for all of your media on a dozen or more publishing outlets? Did you know that all of this only takes one thing: set up a good-quality live-stream through an Online Video Platform with a Digital Media Management System and a global, high-performance CDN?

You thought CDNs and OVPs have become obsolete because you can send a live-stream to YouTube? Check out the growth-rates and demands of CDNs and OVPs and follow the trend of large organizations to move to OVPs, despite of significant prior investments into their own hardware and software setups. There is an entire range of reasons why organizations with serious media publishing are moving to OVPs, but one of the most significant reasons are the control over their media, copyright protection, cost-efficiency and time-efficiency.

OVPs with high-performance, bitrate-adaptive CDN delivery are the future and the future has just begun.

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