New in the Media Cloud: Trailer Feature, Advanced Playback Controls, Player Landing Pages, and more

We’re always working hard to make the Media Cloud better for you and your team, and we are excited to share some updates with you! Here are a few new features, improvements and extensions we would like to highlight today:

The quick update

Player landing page links added to Channel and Media pages for easy access
Advanced playback controls for Lightcast player using Media Control icon in Chrome for Windows and Mac OSX
Extended sharing options for LIVE Channels (same options which were already available for VOD & AOD)
All Apps (TV, Mobile, WebApps) now support trailers integration
LIVE-to-VOD event recording improvements on our servers for greater stability
Improvements for Simulated Live Direct Streams to Facebook and YouTube for greater stability and quality of stream
App Detail pages now include a link to view the app form for that particular app
New Web App form for easy submission of Web App graphics and meta-data
All App forms moved from Classic Control Center to Media Cloud + re-designed and improved for faster and easier submission
Want more details?
Get the full scoop of our product update in our support center:

P.S. Coming up next is an update of the Media Stats Center with a complete re-design, performance upgrade and stats extension for greater and faster insight of viewership and content statistics, as well as more new app features and extensions and new Media Cloud features. More about this in an upcoming newsletter. Stay tuned!