The 3 Most Effective OTT Ad Formats for 2023

As the popularity of over-the-top streaming increases, brands of all sizes are finding that digital video advertising campaigns pack a powerful punch. However, not all video ad formats are created equally, and some styles stand out when utilized on OTT platforms. So, if you're planning on using OTT ads over the coming year, here are some formats worth considering.

The 3 Most Effective OTT Ad Formats for 2023

1. Post-Roll Video Ads

Post-roll video ads pair well with OTT streaming services. This linear advertisement plays after the streaming video content. Linear post-roll ads will play for a set amount of time, usually 30 or 60 seconds, but occasionally as brief as 15 seconds. The viewer cannot skip these ads, which makes them more accessible than traditional television commercials. After the ad has concluded, regular streaming will be resumed.

Pull Viewers From the OTT Platform

Advertisements that encourage viewers to take action, such as clicking through to a brand website, work effectively as post-roll ads. Since viewers have already consumed the programming, they are more likely to be tempted to venture to a new website. Makes the most of your post-roll advertisements by aiming them at a particular market.

As OTT streaming services make it easy to target advertisements toward specific consumer profiles, the chance of enticing viewers to a secondary site is high. Consumers will be watching streaming channels that align with their interests, so putting advertisements that match their interests in front of them after they've already watched their content is the perfect way to get them interested in your service.

2. In-Stream Video Ads

Another winning format for OTT advertisements is in-stream ads. These ads should always be linked to the content being consumed if you want to maximize your advertisement budget. In-stream ads will typically be 15 or 30 seconds long. However, ads as short as six seconds occasionally run depending on the marketed product or service.

While in-stream ads can be placed seamlessly into content and the start or finish, their placement should be considered carefully. The location of in-stream ads can impact how powerful they are, as does the length of the ad.

Embrace the Countdown

Short and sweet in-stream ads can't be skipped, so it's wise to let consumers know how long they'll be watching. A countdown clock on this type of advertisement can keep viewers from being frustrated with the interruption to their programming since they'll know precisely when the intermission is up.

3. Interactive Ads

There are numerous variations of interactive ads, and the type of activity that engages the audience most will depend on variables such as the target audience, ad length, and the product being marketed. Some interaction options worth considering include "choose-your-own-adventure" type ads that allow viewers to select the advertisement they watch and personalized ads that reference the viewers' location.

Send Viewers Shopping

Advertisers promoting a product should consider adding a QR code as an interactive component, making it simple for viewers to scan the code and link to the product page where they can purchase the item. Not only do interactive ads have a higher engagement rate than traditional ads, but they have also been found to hold attention for an extended period and push purchases.

Work these three advertisement formats into your OTT marketing efforts, and you'll ensure you make the most of your marketing budget. To learn about OTT advertising and get your content in front of a larger audience, reach out to Lightcast. Our team is ready to help you find the streaming service solutions you need.