Why Is OTT So Popular Right Now?

OTT - over-the-top - is a method of distributing content without having to rely on the internet. No longer do creators have to compete with slow download speeds, crowded streamers where their content won't be seen, or ineffective advertising that burns through their pockets. The OTT definition includes video streamers like Amazon Prime, messaging platforms like WhatsApp, and music streamers like Spotify. But what is it exactly about OTT that works so well, and how can the everyday content creator get in on the action?

It's Direct to the Consumer

When you throw your content on the internet, there's every chance it won't find its viewership, instead being drowned out by millions of other uploads. But the right OTT partner will help you first develop your own unique platform, and then make sure it ends up on the optimal outlets, such as Roku, FireTV, and AppleTV. By creating your own app where your content can live, you ensure that your media will be seen by the people you want seeing it.

Consumers appreciate the freedom and control this gives them; with more specific apps that are tailored to them, they only need to pay for the exact content they want to watch. As a creator, meanwhile, you'll be able to enjoy benefits such as immediate feedback from users thanks to their direct engagement, plus the flexibility to adjust your app regularly to optimize the consumer's experience.

No Need To Worry About a “Poor Connection”

The problem with relying on the internet is that it's not enough to depend on the network that the individual is on. If your consumer is on a slow connection speed, your content will suffer the consequences of constant buffering, which might cause the viewer to stop watching altogether. But with OTT, you bypass these worries thanks to high-performance VOD and livestream delivery that can often adapt to bitrates and even work on mobiles.

A Better Way To Advertise

When you work with advertisers on OTT, you have an easy sell: we all know that targeted marketing is the best way to achieve real results, so why are we still sending commercials on to broadcast channels and hoping for the best based on assumed viewership and ratings? When you advertisers OTT, they'll have actual insight into how many times their commercials have been watched by a viewer. This makes you a reliable option for advertising, which is a great way to generate revenue.

Here at Lightcast, we're thrilled to provide end-to-end services to help creators get a slice of the OTT pie. Not only can we set creators up with a content delivery network and online video player, but we give them all the tools they need to build their own OTT app, offering them control over everything from navigation structures to gallery images. In short, we're the long-term partners who can make your vision a reality. To get started on creating your own OTT, contact the team at Lightcast today.