Automate Social Media Distribution with the Lightcast Media Cloud

Put your distribution to social media on auto-pilot!

Automate the distribution of your on-demand archives and live-streams to social media platforms like Facebook, Facebook LIVE, YouTube and other social networks.

The Lighcast Media Cloud allows you to create Workflow-Presets which automate all your publishing routines to your accounts on the leading Social Networks.

Never again spend a single minute, hour or day, to upload videos, audio files, live-streams and all their associated metadata like titles, descriptions, keywords or thumbnail gallery images, to different social networks, your websites, mobile apps and TV apps separately. Use the Media Cloud to save dozens, or even hundreds of valuable hours each month, and automate all live-stream and on-demand media publising to all platforms, including social media.

Stream Live to Facebook, YouTube and other Social Networks

No need to send separate live-streams to Facebook, YouTube, your website, your mobile apps and TV Apps.

Just send one stream and let us distribute it to your Facebook Pages, YouTube Channels and other social networking accounts, while publishing the same stream to your website, mobile apps and TV Apps at the same time

- all in one step, with a single stream from your live-encoder.

Through the Media Cloud you can also auto-publish individual videos or entire media archives, add and change metadata and images in real-time across your YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages and other social network accounts.

Publish your On-Demand Archives

Utilize's Media Distribution Service and accelerate viewership growth beyond your websites. Reach new audiences via social media platform and automate the distribution of your on-demand content and live-streams.

Select a Service Package from "Packages" which includes media publishing to social platforms and request a callback from one of our Streaming Media Consultants to discuss additional distibution options and the most cost-efficient way to utilize video to boost your social media efforts.