Make this your biggest year yet!

2018 was a big year here at We released new products like the award-winning Media Cloud, brand new Netflix-style TV App SDK’s and many new and updated features for the Media Cloud such as the new web uploader, workflow presets, new player sharing tools, new subtitle manager, API extensions and much more. We grew a lot. So much, in fact, that Lightcast was again named #1 TV App Developer and awarded the best Content Management System of 2018. And besides these great accomplishments it’s an honor to mention that our CEO and Co-Founder Andreas Kisslinger was under the “Best 10 CEO’s to Watch in 2018”.

We rounded up last year’s best new products & features to help you do more with your Lightcast tools in 2019:

Award Winning Media Cloud for management and distribution of your media & live streams
A new era in multi-platform publishing has begun, and with it, a long and intensive roadmap of releases of new features for years to come. Simply go to and sign in with your Lightcast username and password (we recommend Google's Chrome Browser for best user experience). You will find all your content from your Lightcast Control Center populated and ready to be managed through the Media Cloud + many new cool features such as the SubChannels & Media Group Structure, the Platforms pages, new Watermarks feature etc. Moving forward you will have the choice to manage your content and multi-platform publishing through the Classic Control Center, or through the new Media Cloud. You can switch between both at any time.

Read about the Media Cloud being named the best Content Management System of 2018 by the American Business Award Association.

New time-efficient Web Uploader
Drag-and-drop your media files into the new web uploader through the Media Cloud and push for upload and encoding without having to input meta-data, publishing settings and upload of images first. This allows for rapid and simultaneous upload of numerous on-demand assets and a more time-efficient workflow since the time of the upload and encoding process can be used to set some, or all of the metadata and publishing settings.

Save time with Workflow Presets
Time is of the essence. The workflow presets feature in your Media Cloud account allows you to save multiple presets for upload and publishing workflows, and choose from your saved presets when initiating a new upload, such as automatic Channel Assignment, Social Media Preferences, DRM selections and other preferences, which will then be all completed for you automatically according to your saved workflow preset.

New Player Sharing Tool
With the new player sharing tool in your Media Cloud account, your viewers can share and link back to a specific video from a playlist within the embedded channel. The new social sharing tool shares a link to the player instead of to the website the player was embedded on. You can find the new player sharing feature in your player embed tool for on-demand channels and single media items.

Preview of Upcoming Features for the Media Cloud in 2019:

New App Builder

New 24/7 Scheduler

New Analytics Center