4 Reasons to Release Your Content Over OTT

Over the top (OTT) media has exploded in the past decade and has now reached a point where it's the leading media distribution method. In 2021, streaming overtook cable, and the trend shows no sign of turning back. OTT refers to content delivered “over the top” of other platforms like Netflix, YouTube, or services like Roku and Amazon fireTV. Whether you're looking to launch OTT movies, OTT music, or educational content, OTT is the way to go. Here's why.

1. Follow the Money

Just as TV commercials fund stations that broadcast content over the airwaves and cable lines, so too do advertisers support OTT content. Advertiser money is pouring into OTT platforms because it is a better investment than cable. OTT platforms allow advertisers to target customers more precisely and reach their desired audience more easily.

If you want to get the most value out of the content you produce, put it on OTT platforms. As more money comes into OTT, your content will become more profitable. Plus, you don't have to pay to upload to most platforms.

2. OTT Movies Reach Wider Audiences

Movies like Red Notice on Netflix have outperformed films in theaters by wide margins. Since film producers don't have to negotiate deals with theater chains to ensure wide distribution, OTT is much more efficient. You reach everyone on the platform instantly rather than hoping for people to head to the local theater.

This is why OTT platforms are investing heavily in films. They have a huge advantage in distribution, and since there's no additional cost to watch a movie on a subscription platform, there's no risk to the user. If you want your film to be seen, you need to publish it OTT.

3. OTT Gives You More Insight

One of the biggest benefits of OTT is that you get useful data from every viewer. You can quickly determine who is watching your content and where they are located. This information can guide your marketing campaigns and even help you decide what kind of content you should make.

When you use a centralized media cloud, you'll also get global data that helps you see which platforms are working best for you. You can even build your own app for ConnectedTV platforms to have full control over your content and harvest all the data you need to make better decisions.

4. Save Time With Centralized Publishing

Content creators know how difficult it can be to publish content on multiple platforms. You have to manage different file formats, bitrates, encoding methods, and each platform has its own unique user interface. But it's possible to centralize your publishing using the Lightcast Media Cloud. Upload your content once and watch it reach every platform in minutes. You'll get all your data in one convenient location too, making monitoring and tracking easier than ever.

Lightcast gives you the tools you need to take your content anywhere and everywhere all at once. Schedule a callback with Lightcast or send us an email to learn more about how we can help your content grow.