Merry Christmas everyone! And here is a little Christmas gift for a selected group of trusted media publishers: the release of the first stage of the new Media Cloud Analytics Pro Suite - now released in beta into your Media Cloud account, free of charge!

As of today you received a free upgrade to the new Analytics Pro Suite, and you will receive free updates to it over the upcoming months, including a new “Report Builder” which will allow you to build, save, export and email your custom analytics reports, as well as additional data metrics, such as playtime, unique viewers and device connections within any selected timeframe.

Lightcast’s Media Cloud Analytics Pro Suite is a game changer for every publisher's business strategy, content refinement and audience targeting, setting a new standard in the industry. But for now, during the Christmas holidays, get acquainted with the beta-stage of v1.0 of your complimentary upgrade to the Analytics Pro Suite in your Media Cloud and be on the lookout for updates in January and February.