Are FAST Channels the Future of OTT?

Over-the-top or OTT video service has revolutionized how viewers access their favorite programs, offering consumers a way to stream content without employing traditional cable, broadcasting, or satellite platforms. Adding free ad-supported streaming television, also known as FAST, to OTT services means that even more of the content consumers crave is delivered straight to their devices, with no subscription necessary.

Are FAST Channels the Future of OTT?

Consumers who love how FAST channels support linear content can expect an increase in the number of FAST channels available. In addition, since FAST channels don't require any particular hardware and are funded by the advertisements run during the program, these channels are accessible to viewers in a way that subscription-based content isn't.

This accessibility means that FAST channels are a dream distribution method for content creators and distributors looking to spread their media to a broader audience. Here's why content distributors shouldn't overlook the benefits FAST channels can offer:

FAST Channels Expand Your Reach

If you're a content distributor looking to get your media in front of more eyes, FAST channels offer you a way to boost your exposure. Both large and small distributors can share previously created content to their FAST channels and target as specific an audience as they desire.

The possibilities for making channels that cover a particular sport, hobby, or historical event are endless. Niche content that speaks to your ideal consumer allows you to rise above competitors in your market and makes sure your back catalog of content is put to good use.

FAST Channels Are Easy to Create

Youtube and Facebook Watch were once the go-to places for distributors looking to broadcast short-form content. However, since FAST channel creation is so effortless, there's nothing stopping creators from crafting a collection of niche channels.

When distributors pair streaming platforms with user-intuitive channel creation processes, the sky's the limit when building a portfolio of target channels. Instead of being chained to one generalized channel, easy-to-create FAST channels let distributors make a hefty roster of channels on platforms that are even more straightforward to use than traditional media-sharing networks.

FAST Channels Elevate User Experience

Although FAST channels typically don't require a subscription for viewers, they can be used to drive traffic to your subscription-based content. Featuring your channels on popular platforms is an excellent way to grow your fan base and convert them into subscribers. The more content and specialized FAST channels you offer your viewers, the more you display value and a premium user experience.

By providing an elevated experience to users, you earn their loyalty and draw them toward your paid content. Since you've demonstrated the quality of the media you offer, they know they can count on you to produce great content. This loyalty makes their transition from unpaid viewers to paying subscribers inevitable.

OTT Video Service: A Smart Move for the Future

As SmartTVs, Roku Players, and other smart devices become accessible to more individuals, the opportunity for OTT service and FAST channels to grow in popularity will continue to increase. Brands, content producers, and distributors will only benefit from embracing all OTT services and FAST channels have to offer.

Are you looking for a new way to make your content work for you? FAST channels offer a seamless solution that boosts your exposure and makes monetizing your content a breeze. To learn more, contact Lightcast today. It's time to start building for the future.