Can You Upload Music to OTT?

OTT's first successes were with video platforms like YouTube and Netflix. It didn't take long, though, for OTT music to catch up. Today, hundreds of millions of subscribers listen to music using OTT platforms. Physical media for music is quickly dying, making OTT the way to go if you're looking to publish music content. It's not only cheaper, but it's also sure to reach a wider audience.

OTT Music Platforms

You can publish music and other audio-based forms of content like podcasts or audiobooks through a variety of OTT platforms. They've come a long way from the early days of Pandora and iTunes. Today, there are several popular OTT platforms for music that allow you to upload your files free of charge.


It might surprise you to learn that YouTube is actually the world's largest OTT music platform! Not only does the streaming giant have YouTube Music specifically dedicated to audio, but there are tons of music videos and songs with lyrics in the regular YouTube catalog. Publishing music on YouTube also grants you monetization rights, provided you hold the license to distribute the music.

Whether you already publish videos on YouTube or are looking for a new way to reach a wide audience, consider YouTube as a go-to platform for your content.


Spotify has quickly become the market leader for music uploads. Today, it's the most used music streaming service with over 400 million active users! Between premium users and advertisements for free users, there's plenty of revenue potential. Spotify has also made it easier for independent artists to publish their content without having to go through distributors. You can also upload high-definition audio to Spotify for premium users to enjoy.

Spotify has also taken over the podcast market. While it's still a good idea to publish podcasts through Apple's ecosystem, Spotify has simplified the process and is eating away at Apple's market share. Spotify is where you want to be if you're publishing music to OTT.


TuneIn, formerly known as TuneIn Radio, is another great OTT platform for music. It started out as a way to give terrestrial radio stations an online presence, but it has evolved into much more. While there are still radio stations on the platform, there are now lots of podcasts, long-form news and talk shows, and live streaming audio.

If you have a talk show or a format that runs longer than a typical podcast, TuneIn could be a great option since its users are more accustomed to that kind of content. With over 60 million monthly users, you're sure to find an audience.

Upload Everywhere at Once

Rather than limit yourself to a single platform, use a media cloud that allows you to post your content everywhere in minutes. That's exactly what we provide at Lightcast. Request a callback from Lightcast or send us an email to learn more about the music services we support and how you can reach more ears in less time.