Corona Sponsorship

We would like to support your brand’s continuous engagement and communication with followers, customers, leads, audiences, congregations, students, over the upcoming weeks and months with an “instant-launch TV-App & Mobile App Sponsorship”, which will pay 100% of the heavy-lifting up-front costs of the setup of new, custom-branded TV-Apps and Mobile Apps for your brand.

Why are branded TV Apps and Mobile Apps more important than ever before?

As physical attendance, larger gatherings and public traffic become increasingly fluctuating, the demand on streaming media skyrockets. Whether you are a business, school, government, broadcaster or church: your followers and constituents are still in need to hear from you, receive information and service from you, and remain engaged with your brand.

If you don’t provide safe areas to stream your video content, whether live or on-demand, someone else will! Your followers and constituents are still in need for the service and information you provide, and they will find it somewhere. The question is only: will it be YOUR TV App and YOUR mobile app they will download and install to keep watching and engaging, or another brand’s apps?

For this reason, in order to support your brand, your business, your organization and services, has decided to make additional instant-launch sponsorships available to cover the entire development and launch of fully custom-branded TV-Apps and Mobile-Apps for all leading devices, screens and app-stores.

Time is of the essence and with this instant-launch sponsorship, the setup, submission and public app-store launch of TV Apps and Mobile Apps takes 5-10 days.

Please sent an email to to inquire on the available sponsorships today!

Your Lightcast Success Team