Creating Engaging and Authentic Content on OTT Streaming Platforms

OTT platforms make it possible to take any kind of content and turn it into a profitable enterprise. OTT services reach a wider variety of viewers and accommodate more niches, meaning that there's always a platform for your content. However, the best content is both engaging and authentic. How can you design your content to keep viewers coming back? Consider a few tips to make your content more successful, regardless of the platform it's on.

Creating Engaging and Authentic Content on OTT Platforms

Know Your Niche

These days, content is increasingly specialized. The more specific your content, the more likely it is to resonate with that specific audience. What niche would you create content in, and how will your voice fill a void in that space? Consider what you know the most about. Being an authority on the topic makes others more likely to tune in and give your content a try.

Once you've defined your niche, you need to consider who your audience is. Who are the people interested in this topic? If you produce videos about universities, your target demographic will likely be teenagers. Consider what stylistic choices other content creators make when they target young people. Incorporate those strategies into your content to make it more engaging and appealing to your niche's main demographic.

Be Yourself

Even though it seems simple, being yourself in your content can be a challenge. After all, we don't normally sit down in front of a camera and record content, and we certainly cannot edit our normal interactions in post. Experiment with different approaches until you find your natural voice. Scripted content may work well for some, but could be stifling for others. A rough outline can allow for some organized improvisation, which can work well for naturally fluent speakers.

If your content features real-world experiences, do your best to capture reactions. Honest reactions are extremely authentic and likely to produce a response in your audience. This is why "reaction" channels haven taken off in recent years.

Build a Loyal Following

While your content will be shown to new viewers on the platforms you publish it to, you need to focus on building a core audience. Who are the regular viewers that return to your content every time you upload? Focus on those people and what they're looking for. As you upload more content, you will get more data about your audience, which can help you fine-tune your approach.

Look for opportunities to engage that core audience with your content. Read and respond to comments. Could you do a live stream where your viewers can participate or interact with you directly? Can you take advantage of community features to reward your most loyal followers?

Interact Outside of the Platform

You can boost engagement and make your presence online more authentic by using other tools. Social media accounts can bolster your viewership through cross promotion. An Instagram account, for example, could post snippets of videos that people can watch on your OTT service of choice.

You can also publish on multiple platforms to increase your presence and help your audience grow. Contact Lightcast to schedule a callback from one of our media experts to learn more about how we can help your content grow faster.