Custom Report Builder now in your Media Cloud

Life is complicated enough. Let’s make media publishing and viewership reporting easier!

The Media Cloud Analytics Suite now allows you to create custom reports easier than ever before. The new and simplified Report Builder can be found by going to Analytics, then Custom Reports.

Here are the key advantages of the Report Builder:

  • Easier creation through the Report Wizard
  • Any date range possible
  • Ability to go back numerous years
  • Flexible combination of filters and metrics
  • Faster loading
  • Reports remain stored in your Media Cloud
  • Reports can be downloaded at any time

When visiting the Custom Reports page for the first time there will be a link labeled “Generate a Report”. Clicking on the link will launch our helpful 4-Step Custom Report Wizard that will guide you through the steps of selecting the metrics, rows, and columns for the report and finally naming the report and the option to have the report emailed. After your initial report has been completed, additional reports can be created by clicking on “NEW REPORT” on the right just above the list of reports.

Your custom reports will be created as CSV files and stored in your Media Cloud for download.

And last but not least, here are some of the features to be looking for in the near future:

  • Online report viewer
  • Scheduling recurring reports
  • Additional metrics and filters

Your Media Cloud Dev Ops :)