Do More In 2020 With These New Features

Full throttle into a new decade of opportunities!

2020 will be a phenomenal year of new releases such as many new features for the award-winning Media Cloud and the advancement of the industry leading intuitive App Builder with more features, real-time control and app layout options. Don't miss it!

Looking back, 2019 was also a year of many great releases such as the expansion of our Cloud Infrastructure with even more server power, redundancies, data-centers, POP locations for even greater back-up, stability and scalability. Furthermore we were awarded the prestigious Streaming Media Award for the 50 most influential streaming companies and made it into the Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in North America.

We rounded up last year’s best new products & features to help you do more with your Lightcast tools in 2020

New 24/7 Schedule and Playout System

Our existing 24/7 Cloud Scheduler was re-built on a brand new system which makes the scheduling, adjusting, zooming, deleting as easy as 1-2-3. We've also added a few more features such as 4 display modes including a Full Screen mode to allow more screen real estate for laying out a schedule, a CSV Importer for bumper-to-bumper auto-placement from CSV Files, scheduling and ingesting live-streams into your 24/7 stream from your live-encoder, and much more.

Watch our Video Tutorials for the new 24/7 Cloud Scheduler

Trimming Tool for Live-to-VOD Cloud Recordings

No need to trim your recordings in the Classic Control Center anymore. We built a brand new one for the Media Cloud. Watch the Video Tutorial.

Lightcast Player improvements

We've released many helpful Web Player improvements such as jumping back 10 seconds in the playback, hiding the "EVENTS" icon in the Live Channel Player, adding a Whats app sharing tool, and many more additional features and improvements.

LightcastAPI extensions

The LightcastAPI includes many new actions such as creating and updating a Media Group, uploading a thumbnail for a Media Group, adding/updating keywords when creating or updating media, uploading of subtitles, more API actions for SubChannels, retrieving the upcoming 24/7 Schedule for the next 90 days and many more new actions have been added to the LightcastAPI.

Read helpful articles about the LightcastAPI

SubChannels embed tool

We released a SubChannels Web Player to embed SubChannels and its playlist on any http or https website.

Watch the Video Tutorial on how to embed the SubChannels player

Multi-Channel, Multi-Navigation Web Apps

Our brand new Web Apps serve as media archive & live stream site - one which you don’t have to develop, support and host in-house. The Web App is an alternative product to an Online Media Campus with the advantage that it can showcase multiple VOD/AOD/LIVE Channels and SubChannels and is optimized for use on both desktops and tablets and even browsers on SmartTVs.

Push-Notifications, Watchlist Feature & a new Sharing Tool for Mobile Apps

Per default, the new sharing tool and watchlist feature are part of each new Mobile App. Also supported is the new push-notification feature which can be ordered for a small setup fee.

Expansion of our Cloud Infrastructure

With the expansion of our Cloud Server Infrastructure, we offer even greater performance, redundancies and security of all Lightcast systems. This was one of our biggest release in December.

Preview of Upcoming Features for the Media Cloud and for TV and Mobile Apps in 2020:

New App Builder

New Features for TV and Mobile Apps

Spotify, Alexa & iHeart Podcasts

... and much more is waiting for you! :)

Your Lightcast Success Team