How The Right OVP Makes Your Life Easier

What is an OVP, what does it do and how does it make your life easier?

What is the trend to switch to an OVP (Online Video Platform) all about and why do even the largest media corporations switch from self-built in-house setups to an end-to-end package solution of an OVP?

Choosing the right multi-platform OVP can save you thousands of dollars every month on costs you would otherwise have to spend on numerous contracts with different vendors and tech companies, including servers and datacenters or cloud hosting vendors, one or multiple transcoding vendors, metadata and image database servers, licensing fees for a CMS, a playout system, licensing fees for subscriber processing services, ad-servers, at least one CDN, fees to analytics software, contractor rates or salaries for player developers, app developers, sys admins and developers, and all that in addition to frequently overlooked in-house overheads and additional costs for salaries you otherwise could save on, or utilize differently.

In order to build everything in-house to replace the use of an OVP, someone will have to architect and build your own self-built systems for management and storing of all data (video and audio files, metadata, images, closed caption and language subtitle files, etc…), transcoding (various required bitrate and format renditions, watermarks, etc…), monetization systems (setup of ad-servers and ad-insertion, subscriber processing systems with all the many parts therein, payment gateway, transaction, database, security and back-end interfaces), CDN delivery and much more. This will require thousands of hours for experienced developers and system administrators to set up your software and hardware infrastructure, all APIs and integration of up to two dozen different vendors with their contracts and services, to connect it all and make it work together. It is a near impossible task which realistically can take between 12 and 36 months of development time and easily devour multiple 6-figures in the process.

Why build all of this just for one organization when you can have all of it, but better, for a fragment of the costs available instantly from the right OVP which provides you with all of it, and more, used and trusted by thousands of media publishers around the globe. The cost-savings and time-to-market advantages the right OVP gives you in an instant, can be the very advantage which can lead to success of a media business and revenue model.