You Have a Great Idea for a Channel: How Will You Market It?

Starting a new channel is an exciting time. You've got passion for your new project and a content roadmap that'll ensure you've got quality material for years to come. You're ready to pour your effort into your work, but have you thought about how you're going to market your content? Channel marketing is essential if you want to see your content grow. Here are a few methods to consider.

Why You Need Channel Marketing

If your plan is just to start uploading content and cross your fingers, think again. Your content won't automatically rise to the top of search results or recommended channels, even if it's amazing. Algorithms decide what to show people, and algorithms can't measure quality. All they can do is track what other people do with your content.

So, once more people watch your channel, you'll see growth. However, only the most diligent people who are seeking your content specifically will find you early on. You need to market your channel in other ways to help bring people to your content. There are a few strategies you can use.

Content Marketing Methods

Content marketing is when you output content that is meant to direct people to your main product or service. Your channel itself could be a form of content marketing, promoting services that your business offers. However, you can also use other kinds of content to bring attention to your channel. For example, a blog that summarizes your videos or publishes reviews of your episodes can help attract views from web searches.

This strategy requires additional time and effort, however. It also takes time for the content you produce to gain traction and find viewers. While it can be a nice compliment to your channel, it's not the best strategy.

Social Marketing Strategies

Social media can help you find more viewers. Does your channel have its own dedicated pages on Facebook or Instagram? You can engage with your audience directly through these platforms, which can turn casual viewers into loyal followers. Social video marketing is effective and can help you reach more people in less time.

Social media is also useful since it can target specific groups of people. If you know the target demographic of your content, you can target them directly. Repost some of your content on social media to give people a taste of what you have to offer.

Advertising on OTT Platforms

The most effective strategy is to market your channel on the same platform. After all, the people who see these ads can access your channel immediately. If you have a channel on Roku, for example, you could run an advertisement on a more popular channel's content. Pick one that you think your viewers would also watch, and use ads to your advantage.

Grow Your Channel Faster

At Lightcast, we not only make it easier to publish your content on more platforms, but we can also help it grow through smart channel marketing strategies. Request a callback from Lightcast or send us an email to find out how we can help your content find more viewers.