Is OTT the Same as Live Streaming?

If you're starting in the world of hosting and distributing your own content, you may have heard a lot about OTT and how it's a useful tool for creating an audience and generating revenue. But what about live streaming? Does it have anything to do with OTT services, and if not, how do the two worlds intersect? To better understand these two principles and how they can work to elevate your content distribution, read on.

What Is OTT?

OTT stands for “over-the-top”, is a way of distributing content without relying on the internet. It's a platform where you can put VOD assets and curate a very specific, targeted audience to engage with them. Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Netflix are examples of some of the most popular, revenue-generating OTTs on the market. You can access OTT apps through your smartphone, computer, or Smart TV platforms like Roku and Fire TV. OTT can be an excellent source of revenue as it allows for targeted advertising and subscription-based memberships.

What Is Streaming Live?

This is the act of broadcasting live events to phones, computers, and screens worldwide. These might be concerts, speeches, lectures, meetings - whatever you want! Simply connect the streaming software to the camera and audio source and, with the right technology aiding you, you can achieve professional-looking streams. When you work with the best delivery service, you can ensure your stream is sent out in multiple bandwidth streams so it's optimized for all screen sizes.

Despite the name, the content used in streaming doesn't have to be recorded live. You can connect your live stream to a pre-recorded video rather than to a camera and audio to achieve something called a “simulated live stream”. The video is still premiering and screening at the same time everywhere. Linear streaming, which is looped streaming that plays 24/7, is made up of pre-recorded videos that have been curated into a playlist.

How Can OTT and Streaming Be Used in Tandem?

Content on OTT does not have to be live, but an OTT can deliver a live stream. The best end-to-end service provider will help you first set up an OTT app that can be used as a home base for your audience and a place to stream your live events. They'll then help you broadcast a live stream to multiple channels, including social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube, so you can drive more traffic back to your OTT and build your audience!

For this reason, it's highly useful for creators to work with a single partner to achieve all their broadcasting and distribution goals. The right company can provide you with all the OTT services you'll need to build your app securely and effectively, while simultaneously providing you with the encoders and software to manage streaming live events. Lightcast offers all of this and more, making it the best-equipped company to help you achieve greater things with your content. To learn more, call Lightcast today.