It’s time to get with the Program!’s Electronic Program Guide that is.’s Electronic Program Guide for 24/7 Channels is a great way to provide an additional service for your viewers. With a standard and premium version, this feature gives your viewers a complete viewing experience allowing them to plan for upcoming programs while also providing a sleek professional look to your player.

The standard version provides a look at the same-day schedule with a convenient “details-expand” feature that allows viewers to learn more about a particular program.

Just like the standard version, the premium version also displays the same-day schedule with the same convenient "details-expand” feature, but also provides the viewer with upcoming programming for the next 6 days. Each day’s programming is accessible by selecting the desired day’s tab located across the top of the Guide.

The premium version also comes with a player-overlay slide-in mini schedule that is displayed on the right hand side. This provides your viewers with the option to keep watching their favorite program while browsing the schedule. This “mini schedule” overlays only 28% of the width of the player so that centered faces or images in the video remain completely uncovered.

So, ready to get with the program? Let’s get started on your Electronic Program Guide today…your viewers will thank you for it.

Send an email to customercare(at) and get 25% off when ordering by February 5th!

Happy Streaming!
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