- now a Top 50 Company in Streaming Media

Hurray! Another great announcement to celebrate: has been voted a "Top 50” Company of most influential and relevant players in the streaming media industry, along with follow tech companies, many of whom we partner with, including JW, Amazon, Hulu, Adobe, Roku, Verizon and others.

After awards and achievements early 2018, we are happy to find ourselves moving further "up in the rankings”. Apparently many customers love our services and vote for us, as well as industry professionals and judging panels of leading business associations in the United States and abroad. That is really encouraging for us and we want to share some of it with you.

A year ago we were in the Top 100 Company in the streaming media industry according to Streaming Media Magazine. So what happened between now and then? Well, we released new features in the Media Cloud which are quite ground-braking, such as the innovative Workflow Presets, Navigation Structure Overview & Control, new FireTV, AndroidTV and WebApp Templates, and are about to release a brand new 24/7 Scheduler & Cloud Playout System in the Media Cloud, as well as VOD trimming tool for recorded live-events and the upcoming ground-breaking App-Builder with more real-time control of layouts and features of TV Apps.
Read more about all releases in 2018.

The Media Cloud keeps on innovating with a continuously growing feature-set and wide range of workflow automation and real-time control for media publishing to all leading platforms and app stores on web, mobile, social and OTT / ConnectedTV. We are really excited to be validated by awards such as having been voted one of the Top 50 most influential company in the industry, but most of all, we are most excited about every customer who is able to achieve more in less time, grow and monetize viewerships faster, and about every problem we were able to help solve.

So, thank you to Streaming Media Magazine, peer companies and industry leaders for this award, but most of all thank you for your trust, continuous loyalty and valuable feedback which helps us to continuously grow and refine our services. We always love hearing from you!

Your Success Team