Navigating the Future of OTT: Trends and Innovations

Over-the-top (OTT) advertising can connect your business with the majority of American households. With this strategy, you display your brand's ads through streaming platforms such as Netflix and devices like Roku. Explore the latest trends and innovations in OTT marketing to accelerate growth and expand reach in 2024 and beyond.

Growth in Platforms Supported by OTT Marketing

Most streaming platforms now offer a tiered service with an ad-supported level. In other words, customers pay a base price to watch shows and movies with ads, or they can pay more for an ad-free experience. This strategy supports an ongoing increase in viewers, which creates even more opportunities for your business to connect.

More Live-Stream Ads

Going live potentially doubles your audience reach compared to a prerecorded ad. You can demonstrate your product, introduce viewers to your service, and provide value-added content that positions you as an expert in your niche. ​Users can chat or leave comments, and you can interact with them in real time: an important component of engagement.

Live-streaming increases the authenticity of your brand in the eyes of your viewers, which translates to a higher level of trust. When you build this type of relationship, it encourages user loyalty, which drives increased revenue.

The Push for Personalized Content

Viewers have a higher level of engagement with content created specifically for them. Advertisers can tap into this trend by targeting the audience based on their interests. For example, consider delivering different ads to segmented groups based on the user's favorite streaming genre.

Bundled Services Mean Fewer Providers

After an explosion in the number of OTT streaming platforms over the past few years, smaller services started consolidating. One common example is the Disney+ bundle, which gives customers the content on that service along with Hulu and ESPN+ streaming. Verizon rolled out a deal that gives cable customers Netflix and MAX. Advertisers should revisit target channels as these combination platforms become even more common in the next few years.

Expanded Market for Live Sports

While live sporting events have traditionally landed on cable, OTT streaming has seen significant growth in this type of content. Live sports accounts for about 30% of viewing time in the American market, so it's time to consider shifting some of your ad budget for this channel to OTT.

New Monetization Models

Streaming platforms are experimenting with new ways to monetize their services as well as optimizing existing ad models. Innovations in this area include personalized channel-based ads, targeted marketing during live-streaming events, and tech designed to overcome ad-blocking software.
Data by eMarketer shows that OTT services have more than 252 million U.S. viewers in 2024, more than YouTube and digital pay cable TV. The market for OTT is projected to be worth $171.5 billion by 2032. Meet your audience on their favorite platforms with a comprehensive OTT strategy. Request a demonstration today to see how our service can bring your brand to the forefront in this evolv