New in the Media Cloud: Alternate Payment Feature

Don't we all love flexibility? Here is another tool which gives the freedom to pay invoices with different credit cards and payment methods.

  • Your invoices are always automatically charged against your credit card on file in your account, which you can change any time.
  • But, you can also click on the "pay this invoice" icon in your invoices overview for overdue, unpaid invoices, and enter a different credit card if you prefer to pay one, or several, overdue invoices with a different payment method than your default card on file in your account.
  • If your subscription invoices are paid via wire transfer/ACH, and you would like to pay an overdue, unpaid invoice via credit card, you are now able to choose credit card payment by clicking on "pay this invoice" icon in your invoices overview
Watch the Video Below on How to Find the Alternate Payment Feature

In the spirit of Thanksgiving we would like to thank all of our customers for paying your invoices in a timely manner. We are trying to make it as easy for you as possible, giving you as many options as we can. Thank you for your continued trust in We are grateful for the high percentage of customer with great payment ethics and integrity (over 95%!). We do not take this for granted as we know that payment ethics are no longer a given in our times. We depend on it, as much as our customers depend on the delivery of their orders and fulfillment of ordered services.

It is a true partnership and we are very grateful for the high level of character and integrity of our customer organizations, the greatness of their vision and business plans, and the importance of their organization's causes and purpose. It is truly and honor for us to serve so many world changing and influential organizations, companies and brands!

Your Media Cloud Dev Ops & the entire Management Team of :)

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