New in the Media Cloud: Email Capture Statistics

We at Lightcast love to bring you closer together with your audience. One of the ways Lightcast offers further interaction is the Email Capture feature, which captures the email addresses of your viewers inside your Apps. Publishers who do not want to charge their audience (yet) but would like to simply capture leads by email address, the Email Capture feature is the perfect tool.

Besides sending you a weekly or monthly report for the captured email addresses, you can now see how many viewers submitted an email address each day, for each of your Apps, with selectable timeframes dating from the last 7 days to 12 months, all at your fingertips within your Media Cloud account.

How to find the Email Capture Stats:

1. Within the Mediacloud, select the ‘App Builder’ page.

2. Select the new Tab next to the ‘Navigation’ Tab labeled ‘Email Capture Stats’

3. Hover over any day to see how many viewers have signed up with their email!

Watch the Video Below on How to Access Your Email Capture Statistics: