Player Configurator now in your Media Cloud

Want more control over your customizable embeddable Lightcast player? Then the topic of this week’s Newsletter is for you! At Lightcast we are dedicated to innovating new tools that provide you with the power to control many of the powerful features contained within your Lightcast Media Cloud account. With that in mind we would like to introduce you to the “Player Configurator”!

The Player Configurator is a powerful tool that puts the control of your embeddable player’s look in your hands. You can find it under the “Tools” section in the menu on the left side of your Media Cloud account.

With the Player Configurator you will have the power to:

Enable/Disable the Lightcast Branding of the Player

Upload, Display or Hide your custom Player Logo Overlay and Player Icon

Select a Skin Color for your Player

Link your own URL to your custom Player Logo Overlay and/or Player Icon

Display or Hide the View Count and Publish Date in On-Demand Channel Playlists

What’s more is that with this addition to the Lightcast Media Cloud toolbox you’re able to set a default configuration for your embeddable player on any website, Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Player Landing pages. Once you save the changes they will be instantly updated on currently embedded players.

Watch this video to see how the Player Configurator works:

Important to Remember:

Follow the criteria for proper file formats when uploading your images for the logo overlay and icon.