New in the Media Cloud: Podcast Details Page

Another great productivity tool which provides you with even more flexibility and information right at your fingertips! With the new Podcast Details page you get a better overview of your published Podcasts, such as how many media items you are currently publishing to each Podcast, which On-Demand Channel feeds into each Podcast platform, direct links to your pages on each Podcast platform and more.

You can also upload your Podcast Thumbnail in the new IMAGE page directly.

Real-time changes to categories and metadata: The new SETTINGS page allows you to add a custom Podcast title and to modify the Podcast category, the Podcast Owner name, the Podcast Author name, the Podcast language and other metadata on each Podcast platform in real-time.

Watch the Video Below to See Where the Podcast Details Page is Located

We hope the new Podcast Details Page provides you with yet another productive tool to support the growth of your streaming business.

P.S. For previous release notes, visit our release page!