New in the Media Cloud: Sharing & Embed Options added to Player Configurator

The Player Configurator under "Tools" in your Media Cloud account is getting richer and richer. The latest features we added to the Player Configurator are the Sharing and Embed Configurations.

  • With this tool, you will now be able to control the Sharing and Embedding functionalities of the Player on an account level.
  • Controlling the Player Sharing and Embedding on an account level means that the selected options will become the default setting for all Players embedded on your Websites, on your Web Apps, in your Mobile Apps as well as on Player Landing Pages. There is no need to update existing embed codes.
  • Previously the configuration of the Player Sharing and Player Embedding was only possible on a Channel Level, and existing embed codes needed to be updated after a change has been made. With the Sharing and Embed options added to the Player Configurator you can release a change to all Players in Web Apps, Mobile Apps, embedded on Websites and on the Player Landing Pages at the same time.
  • If you would like to control the Player Sharing and/or Embedding only for a specific Channel, you will still be able to do that within the Channel Manager's EMBED Tab and SETTINGS Tab

How to Control Sharing Options for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Web Players
How to Control Embed Options for Web Apps, Mobile Apps, and Web Players

We hope these new features provide you with yet another efficiency tool right at your fingertips so you are set free to produce, upload and deliver amazing content across all devices, screens and platforms through the award-winning, and most user-friendly Media Management System, the Lightcast Media Cloud.

Your Media Cloud Dev Ops :)

P.S. Check out our release page for more information about our releases.