New in the Media Cloud: Sub Channels Player Background Image

We are glad to announce another extension for Sub Channels: Adding a Background Image for your Sub Channels Player!

Similar to the Player Background Image for your VOD/AOD/LIVE Channels, it is now also possible to upload a Player Background Image for Sub Channels when autostart is disabled.

This feature provides you with yet another design tool to better control the visual appearance of your Sub Channel Player before viewers click on the Play button.

The aspect ratio of the background image is 16:9 and at least 1024 pixels wide (we recommend 1280 pixels).

The uploaded background image is showing up as preview in the Player Background Image tab and can be switched out anytime.

How to Upload a Player Background Image for Sub Channels

We hope these new features provide you with yet another efficiency tool so you are set free to produce, upload and deliver amazing content across all devices, screens and platforms through the award-winning, and most user-friendly Media Management System, the Lightcast Media Cloud.

Your Media Cloud Dev Ops :)

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