Receive Your Christmas Gift!

Hi and Merry Christmas!

Here is Lightcast's Christmas Gift to all existing and new Lightcast subscribers: every new client who orders a Video Hosting Subscription (Video Light, Video Smart, Video Power or Video Power XL) and every existing client who upgrades to a larger subscription during the month of December, receives a Custom Facebook Business Page with a 5-page Canvas Page App, at a value of $1500*.

What's included: concept, development, programming, graphic design based on your existing website graphics and corporate design, content migration from your website, integration of live-streams and video archives, online donation, featured products and interlinking with your website and other social sites.

Lightcast's development department programs your Facebook Canvas Page with custom menu and hosts it on its certified, high-performance server network.

How it works: simply send us an email to support[at]lightcast[dot]com with a casual message including preferred call-time, time-zone and the number you would like to be reached at, and we will contact you,

OR: simply place the order for a Video Hosting Subscription at or request an upgrade if you already have an active Lightcast Subscription.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your Lightcast Care Team

* This special offer is for all online orders on and cannot be combined with other special offers such as the "Lightcast SmartTV Grant".