Give everyone a chance to participate at your events!

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year - especially for everyone who has the opportunity to come to your church. But what about those who aren't able to come to your church because they are sick, disabled, have no ride, have to work, have to travel or simply don't know about your church or your events yet? If you ever considered to stream live and to make your ministry, your events, your message available on demand and to let your light shine where it's the darkest: now is the best time to start!

Call us today or simply send an email with your phone number and city at support[at]lightcast[dot]com and Lightcast will help you to be up and running with your own Online Media Campus, with live-streaming, with your online media library on your website - all in time to broadcast your Christmas and New Years events to hundreds, thousands and more people who were unable to attend your services in person. And one day they will! Let them participate in the way they can at this point and share what God has given you with those millions of people in need of your ministry and message.

Also - don't forget to ask for the $1500 Christmas gift for non-profits when you call or simply write an email to qualify automatically!

Your Lightcast Care Team

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