Get your iTunes Audio Podcast for Free!

The new year brings you new broadcast opportunities! We've released a brand new feature for all Lightcast Complete and Video Hosting Subscriptions: The iTunes Audio Podcast! It's an entirely free service which we've added to the service "packages" overview. The iTunes Audio Podcast will be created out of your videos in your main VOD channel and will be available to your followers on iTunes as an Audio Podcast which can be subscribed to by listeners. And from now on - every time you upload a new video to your main VOD Channel - Lightcast creates an audio only version of your video file and submits the new file to your iTunes Audio Podcast.

An Audio Podcast is a great way to reach more people online as it gives you more exposure on the web. It has also some great advantages besides a Video Podcast:

- Your listeners can listen to audio messages anytime and anywhere they want (while driving, during workout, during cooking, ....)
- It doesn't drain the battery power of mobile devices as fast as Video Podcasts do
- The download of audio files does not consume as much mobile data transfer since they are smaller than videos

All Lightcast Clients with an existing service contract have now the opportunity to get an Audio Podcast for free. The only requirement is to send your Account Manager an email till end of March 31st 2013.

Dedicated to extend your reach - always and anytime!

Your Lightcast Care Team!

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