Reach new viewers with your own GoogleTV App!

Do you already have a Roku Channel and would like to take your media publishing and reach to the next level?

Or maybe you are ready to start with OTT/SmartTV publishing and feel that GoogleTV is the best outlet for you to begin with?

It very well might be. GoogleTV is coming up strong, catching up quickly with the SmartTV market leader Roku. Google has recently pushed the sales of its HDMI-stick (similar to a large USB stick) called ChromeCast. But unlike Roku, GoogleTV is also installed on dozens of other devices from different manufacturers, such as the set-top-box “NeoTV” built by Netgear or Vizio’s “Co-Star”.

What does a GoogleTV App look like?

GoogleTV Apps can have various features and functionalities. The sky is the limit. If you can think it – it can be on GoogleTV. We can make your GoogleTV App look similar to your Roku Channel or other SmartTV Apps, or entirely different.

You can have your own custom-branded, multi-functional and interactive GoogleTV App, or you can have a sub-channel inside an existing GoogleTV App. The choice is yours!

In order to promote new and inspiring content with positive influence on GoogleTV, Lightcast now offers a 50% discount on all GoogleTV app development, as well as one month of free media hosting and streaming, between now and Thanksgiving.

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