25% Discount on Amazon FireTV

Amazon FireTV is here - and with it an additional broadcast opportunity for everyone who seeks to develop a growing viewership. Since the recent launch of Amazon FireTV, this platform has already received significant recognition and is expected to become another major player in the ConnectedTV world, along with Roku and GoogleTV.

FireTV is certainly an opportunity for "First Movers" or "Early Adopters", providing publishers an opportunity to be the first content provider for a certain topic or category - similar to the opportunity Roku provided 3 years ago. Lightcast highly recommends to jump on board with FireTV now and leverage this unique opportunity early on. Roku and GoogleTV have already proven that the future of Television is streamed and the risk that the publishing of a Channel on Amazon's FireTV is a poor investment is close to 0. Here is why Lightcast believes that FireTV has the potential to become one of the top 3 ConnectedTV platforms:

- The superiority of the FireTV device itself (outstanding performance,

good usability, great product design)
- Amazon's influence with content major providers and hardware

- Amazon's access to exclusive content
- Amazon's existing customer base
- Amazon's marketing power

With all the major publishers and brands, such as Netflix, hulu, Bloomberg and dozens of major news, sports and entertainment networks, already on FireTV, you are in good company. Don't wait until other recognized brands in your sphere or industry are already on FireTV - but beat them to it, get there first and gain all of the viewership!

In order to help with an easy start, Lightcast offers a 25% discount on all FireTV App Development ordered and paid during the months of April and May.

As a Lightcast Client - you can request a callback at firetv.lightcast.com , or simply email Customer Care if you would like to have your existing Roku or GoogleTV Channel developed for FireTV as well. If you are not a Lightcast Client yet - please select a callback time of your choice at firetv.lightcast.com .

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