Online Video Platform (OVP)

Lightcast has proven to be one of the top Online Video Platform companies. Its OVP is award-winning and the best Online Video Platform (OVP) available on the market today. It is included in Lightcast's MEDIA CLOUD and is an end-to-end package solution that contains a large variety of tools to manage your videos and live streams and instantly publish them to multiple platforms including web, mobile, social, and OTT TV. Our top Online Video Platform (OVP) features include channel management, archive management, metadata management, APIs, DRM services, media analytics, live event management, 24/7 cloud scheduling and playout systems, live recording services, publishing automation, streaming automation, embeddable web players, app-building tools, and much more.

Lightcast's Online Video Platform (OVP) System is Intuitive, Sleek, and Easy To Use

Lightcast's Online Video Platform (OVP) system was designed so that every important tool for managing video and audio content could be easily and quickly utilized. The initial dashboard screen displays the platforms that are currently live, your available and remaining bandwidth, storage, and transcoding levels, and charts to give you an overall picture of your audio and video stats for the past 30 days on all of your platforms.

Online Video Management Platform

With our advanced online video management platform your audio and video content can quickly and easily be uploaded, transcoded into all the required bitrate and format renditions required by a variety of web, mobile, and OTT TV platforms, published to social media pages, or embedded onto websites. You can also easily make metadata changes, or add closed caption and language subtitle files. All of your audio and video content is easy to find since it can be searched, sorted, filtered, categorized, and ordered in a variety of ways. If you send a live stream, your live stream recording can easily be accessed, trimmed, transcoded, and added to your library of video content without ever leaving your OVP.

Online Video Publishing Platform and Online Video Streaming Platform

Lightcast's OVP is an online video publishing platform and online video streaming platform that allows you to publish or stream videos to multiple platforms including web, mobile, social, and OTT TV platforms. Manage your responsive designed Online Video Platform (OVP) from any device including your desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device. See which apps with your audio or video content are currently live and which ones you have not been published yet. Quickly see stats for your app platforms and access our App Builder in order to customize your apps exactly the way you want them to be.

Industry-Leading App Builder

Our industry-leading intuitive App Builder gives you all the features, real-time control, and app layout options you will ever need in order to easily custom build every aspect of your mobile iOS, mobile Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and Android TV apps. Your apps will be branded with your images, your text, your layout, and look exactly the way you want them without the need to guess how your apps will look, or have long technical discussions with developers about how to design your app.

Cloud 24/7 Live Stream Scheduler and VOD-to-LIVE Linear Streaming

Our 24/7 Cloud Scheduler makes the scheduling, adjusting, zooming, and deleting of your content as easy as 1-2-3. With's innovative "Cloud Scheduler & Playout System" you can drag and drop your uploaded video on demand assets into a schedule grid and use our intuitive interface to auto-fill scheduled ad-breaks with your ads.

There are 4 display modes including a Full-Screen mode to allow more screen real estate for laying out a schedule, a CSV Importer for bumper-to-bumper auto-placement from CSV Files, scheduling and ingesting live-streams into your 24/7 stream from your live-encoder, and much more.

Another alternative to scheduling your content with the 24/7 Cloud Scheduler is our VOD-to LIVE system which allows you to stream your VOD content live in a linear loop using the order of your videos in your VOD channels.

Advanced Online Video Analytics

While some OVPs may not even include analytics for your video viewership, our OVP gives you the most advanced Online Video Analytics available on the market. You can break down your media views by the date or date range, specific video, delivery type, channel, platform, continent, country, state, or city in order to track who is watching, when, where, how long, and which platform or channel was used. You can see your video stats in a geographical world map, pie chart, line chart, or area chart view and print reports with our reporting tools.

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