OTT Analytics: Gaining Insight into Viewer Preferences and Behaviors

OTT platforms collect dozens of data points with each video and advertisement that users interact with. Over time, this data can be analyzed to produce useful insights for your content creation and marketing strategies. OTT platforms allow uploaders to access this data, however the insights they provide can be somewhat limited. For best results, you'll want to scrub the data yourself. Consider the OTT analytics needed for better OTT marketing performance.

OTT Analytics: Gaining Insight Into Viewer Preferences and Behaviors

Know Your Audience

By far, the most important metrics have to do with your audience demographics. Knowing who watches your content can lead to a virtuous cycle of improvement. By producing content that your primary audience shows more interest in, you'll speed up growth on the platform by getting more views and engagement.

Start by looking at location data. Where are your viewers from? You can use this information to your advantage by creating content that targets specific areas where your audience is strong. Age data is unreliable with younger ages as many underage accounts have false birthdays, but it generally becomes more reliable with adults. Focus on what else your audience watches. Consider collaborations with other creators. Let your audience dictate your content rather than forcing your content on an audience.

Analyzing CTR and Retention

If you want to attract advertisers to your content, you'll need it to perform well. Performance on OTT platforms is primarily defined by two key metrics: Click-through rate (CTR) and audience retention, also known as watch time. OTT platform algorithms recommend content based on how likely it is to accrue clicks and watch time because these variables determine how many ads can be seen. More clicks means more pre-roll ads, while more watch time ensures mid-roll ads are seen.

CTR is heavily tied to titles and thumbnails. Watch time, however, is more complex. For instance, younger audiences tend to have shorter attention spans and thus are more likely to watch shorter videos in their entirety. Percentage viewed is more important to algorithms than total time, so it's better to have a 5-minute video with 80% retention than a 20-minute video with only 20%.

Leverage User Engagement for More Effective OTT Marketing

The best OTT strategies encourage and take advantage of user engagement to connect viewers with a brand. If you only deliver content but never interact with the audience, you limit your revenue potential.

You can also consider using additional revenue streams to boost your content's profitability. Even a small niche channel that may not make much from ad revenue could be successful with a Patreon account.

Improve Your OTT Strategy

One of the biggest factors that keeps content creators from reaching their full potential is that they are typically tied to a single OTT platform. Given the sheer number of platforms available today, a one-platform approach means missing out on potential viewers. However, multiple platforms usually means multiplying the workload.

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