OTT and E-commerce: Integrating Shopping Experiences into Streaming

Online shopping might seem far removed from OTT streaming, but there's actually lots of potential to generate revenue for your channel by integrating e-commerce into your live streams. If you're an OTT content creator looking to take advantage of OTT marketing opportunities, don't overlook the possibility of sponsored shopping segments.

OTT and E-commerce: 4 Steps for Integrating Shopping Experiences Into Streaming

Step 1: Secure Sponsorships

E-commerce sponsorships are some of the easiest to obtain. Generally, product vendors will only pay the content creator when a viewer buys their product using the creator's affiliate link. This link will contain code that identifies the creator and registers the purchase. Creators can typically get a commission between 10-20% of the product's sale price. Many times these links work through Amazon, though vendors may also encourage you to use their own website.

Try to connect the products to your brand as much as possible. If you stream video games, consider products other gamers would like. For example, mechanical keyboards, RGB lighting, webcams, and even furniture like a new gaming chair could prove effective.

Step 2: OTT Marketing Live

During your live stream, weave the product you want to promote into your session. Try to focus on a single item rather than a whole brand. If you stream on a regular schedule, covering one product at a time gives you more opportunities for revenue. It also makes for a more genuine read.

For example, you could complain about your mouse for a bit and casually segue to talking about the specific mouse you want to promote. By making the promotion feel less like a traditional ad read, you maintain viewer retention and increase your odds of securing commissions.

Step 3: Shop and Share Affiliate Links

Step 3 is to actually pause what you're doing and buy the product you want to help market. This adds even more sincerity to the presentation and shows your viewers exactly what product to get and where they can buy it. If you don't actually want to spend your own money on the product, coordinate with the vendor ahead of time to give you credit in advance or to reimburse you after the purchase.

Share your affiliate link in chat with your viewers, and later on in the description of your video. To capitalize on the promotion, follow up once you actually receive the product. You can essentially get two opportunities to promote it this way. Viewers who might have been on the fence the first time will be more likely to buy once they see it in action on your stream.

Step 4: Encourage Engagement

Did your viewers buy the product you promoted? Encourage them to share pictures or reviews with you. Take a moment to talk about it perhaps on yet another live session. Ultimately, this step closes the cycle and positions you as a useful guide, rather than a corporate shill. You build more trust with your audience and increase your potential for more e-commerce sales on your channel.

For best results, you'll want to widen your audience and publish on multiple platforms. Go to to schedule a callback with us to learn how we can help expand your reach and build better brand partnerships to improve revenue on your OTT streams.