OTT TV: 5 Advantages for Producers and Content Creators

Producers and content creators are gaining efficiency by using OTT TV for better control over their content distribution. They're starting off by looking at what is an OTT platform. Soon, they're moving on to gaining advantages like better data and new monetization strategies.

What Is an OTT Platform?

An OTT platform allows viewers to stream videos using any device connected to the internet. The acronym OTT stands for Over-the-Top, meaning media streamed on the internet, over the top of traditional broadcast TV options. This term was first used in the early 2000s, when traditional broadcast television was more popular.

Some of the well-known OTT platforms include AppleTV, AndroidTV, Roku, and FireTV. These SmartTV platforms can be viewed using a Smart TV, tablet, smartphone, or streaming device.

5 OTT TV Advantages for Producers and Content Creators

1. Control

This new form of content distribution allows for greater control. There's no need to fight with gatekeepers about what you will distribute or how. Producers and content creators can decide on the pricing, packaging, and marketing of their content. Content creators can also decide on their own conversion goals and strategies for ‚Äčturning viewers into ‚Äčlongtime followers.

They can also decide what outlets are right for their content. At Lightcast, we recommend Roku, FireTV, AppleTV, and AndroidTV. We also recommend using social media websites, your own website, and opportunities on other SmartTV platforms.

2. Better Data

OTT offers the opportunity for detailed statistics. These give viewership data that can be used to adjust your content strategy and respond to audience demands. This allows for more opportunities for optimization and increased revenue.

3. Flexible Monetization

Instead of agreeing to whatever a traditional distribution platform has to offer, producers can choose monetization strategies. There are subscription-based models, pay-per-view, advertising, and FAST.

FAST is an acronym that stands for free ad-support streaming TV. With FAST, users can live stream content without a subscription service.

4. Speed

Traditional distribution models are slow. With OTT, producers and content creators can get their content to a global audience. At the same time, they are avoiding the speed bumps of physical media production and gatekeepers. There is no need to ask for shelf space: you make that space for yourself.

If a content creator sees a timely market demand, they can quickly respond with new content. They can also change their existing content plans as the market demands.

5. Custom Branding

When you watch a show on NBC on traditional television, you'll see the small peacock logo in the lower corner. This is one area where producers can learn from the major players.

When creators partner with a great OTT distribution platform, they can easily add their own designs to their content. This can include branding with a custom appearance for the platform the content is on.

OTT has given audiences more choices and flexibility in what they watch. This has opened new doors for content creators looking to engage with audiences without having to consult gatekeepers. The trick is in finding the most efficient way possible to distribute content and get ahead of the competition. Contact Lightcast today for a demo of how our services can optimize your content distribution.