4 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your Own Channel

Starting your own video channel online is this generation's version of starting a band. Everyone has an idea for a channel and everyone thinks theirs will be a hit. However, if you don't prepare properly and don't have a viable business model for your content, you won't last long in this business. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you fire up the camera and record your first episode, including valuable information about OTT full-form platforms.

1. Which OTT Full-Form Platform Will You Use?

OTT refers to over-the-top platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, and TV-centric services like Roku or Amazon FireTV. When settling on a platform it's important to think about the features. A “full form” platform is one that allows you to publish content regardless of its length or structure. Have you ever heard of Quibi? This platform was supposed to be a YouTube killer, but it claimed its content would only last 10 minutes.

While “short-form” platforms like TikTok can be useful for building an audience, they aren't really ideal for channel-style content. However, you don't want to simply choose one platform and stay there. You need to diversify now that there are many full-form platforms.

2. Are You Prepared for the Long Haul?

Whether you're producing a TV show or a YouTube channel or simply plan on streaming weekly, you need a plan for the long haul. The truth about content marketing is that you're going to need at least a year of production before you really have a loyal following. Don't be fooled by the random Netflix shows that explode in popularity overnight. Most of them were already on the platform, languishing for years before they were discovered.

You need a plan to produce content in the long term. Expect low viewership at first, but understand that if you stick to it you will see results. You can boost your content by publishing it on multiple platforms and increasing your output. Over time, you'll build a reliable audience.

3. How Will You Monetize?

Besides producing your content, you need to think about how you're going to turn it into profit. Advertising is your main revenue stream, but to get advertising dollars you need an audience. Once you get enough viewers, you'll get calls from advertisers looking to put ads on your content or even include their products in your programming. But you can also monetize in other ways.

Some platforms allow you to charge viewers for access to premium content. Others feature donation options or Patreon support. You can even sell your own merchandise through your content and make more money.

4. Have You Invested in Technology?

You need to invest in high-quality video production equipment and computer hardware to edit and process your content. However, you should also consider investing in distribution technology. If you want to hit as many platforms as possible, build an audience faster, and monetize more, you need to publish everywhere. A content delivery network makes that easy.

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