Reach Your Ideal Audience: How to Build an OTT Marketing Strategy

It can be tough for users to decide what to subscribe to when there's such an abundance of choice, and, unfortunately, even if your content is amazing, that alone doesn't always guarantee success. How can you reach that audience that would just love your content if they knew it was there? Make sure you're reaching the right audience with a solid OTT marketing strategy.

Reach Your Ideal Audience: How to Build an OTT Marketing Strategy

Start With the People You Have

Take a look at your current subscribers: it's all about keeping that spark alive! They've stuck around for a while, so why not show them a little love? With a little effort, you can make sure they stay excited about your OTT video platform.

Send personalized emails filled with recommendations that'll knock their socks off. Or, create a loyalty program where they get special discounts and perks. It's like giving them a virtual pat on the back for being such great customers.

Know Your Target

Everyone has their own unique needs and preferences when it comes to streaming and subscription services. By understanding who your target audience is, you'll be able to deliver the content they want and expect. By fine-tuning your audience strategy, you'll be able to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships with your users.

To really get to know your audience, pay attention to their viewing habits, the devices they use, and how much time they spend on your platform each day. With the wealth of data available from streaming platforms, the possibilities for analysis are practically endless. Netflix is a pro at this - they are constantly gathering data on what their users like to watch, when, and where. They also take into account factors like ratings, when users pause or stop watching, and whether or not they come back to finish it later.

Keep Up With Social

Social media is a great way to reach both existing and potential customers. By running ads on social media channels, you can attract new subscribers. But don't stop there! Social media is also an effective way to increase engagement among your current users. By keeping your brand active on social media, you can keep your users informed about the latest videos on your platform.

Ask your audience for their thoughts on a specific video and what they're planning to watch next. This not only keeps them informed about your platform but also keeps them engaged with your content and brand.

Provide the Content Your Audience Wants

If you want to be a top OTT provider, you need to pay attention to what your audience is saying. By keeping tabs on their behavior, you'll be able to tweak your marketing strategy and hit the bullseye every time.

But how do you get that information? Social media, of course. Create short surveys, ask for movie ratings, or just hop on and see what people are saying. And the best part? By understanding your audience's needs, you can create content that they'll love, build long-term relationships, and make more money. Now that's a win-win-win situation!

When it comes to growing your OTT business, your relationship with your audience is key. Think of it like a dance: a never-ending tango of strategy and adaptation. Contact us today at Lightcast, and we'll help you learn the best dance moves to attract subscribers and generate revenue.