Blog & Notes Submissions services you with the publication of your Blog Articles and Facebook notes, with consulting and support for your own content writing, or - if needed - with "Writing Service", a "Custom Service", which hires one of Lightcast's "Social Media Authors" who writes all Blog Articles on your behalf.

In some cases writing the Blog Articles yourself might be the more cost-efficient option. You can submit Blog Articles one by one through your "Social Media Control Center" and even schedule them for publication at a certain time. Your assigned Social Media Specialist will consult and coach you on what makes sense to write, how to gather information and how to submit it efficiently, so it doesn't become a burden. In many cases it can all be done with only 10-15 minutes of time invested per month - but only with the support of a professional Social Account Manager, a system on how to do it professionally and the "Social Media Control Center".

Read more about the "Social Media Control Center" to the lower left here in the "Solutions Map".

If you want to outsource the writing of your Blog Articles as well, we can assign you one of our experienced "Social Media Authors" who will learn about your business, your organization, your brands, your goals and will do all the Blog writing on your behalf. Contact us for a quote on this "Custom Service".