Member Interaction

Establishing a Social Media presence which produces a ROI for you, is not a "one-way" marketing communication. It requires conversation. Don't forget "conversion" comes through "conversation"! Don't expect bus-loads of attendants showing up for your events or streams of excited visitors coming to your website and purchasing a product on-the-spot if you haven't engaged with them first. In order to maximize your Return-On-Investment you need to single out interested prospects among your social media followers, engage with them in conversation and entice them to go to your website.

Once you attract really interested prospects to your corporate website you need to ask yourself "What do visitors find on the home page ("landing page") of my website? How can they engage with me, ask questions, register for more information (newsletters are only effective if they promise exciting content!), leave a trace behind (give away gifts and trials, or at least offer an opportunity to win something), how can interested prospects order a product on my website?" These are all questions you should ask yourself and discuss with your Account Manager. We are here to help you improve on your ROI for your marketing endeavors and we can offer you consulting or hands-on programming help to optimize your corporate website for "conversion" - whatever your conversion goal may be.

As a Lightcast Platinum or Diamond Client you receive consultion free of charge. Simply ask your assigned Account Manager about the quality of your website, optimization for conversion and how to interact with members of your social media following. Platinum and Diamond Packages also include the pro-active interaction with members of your social media following. Your assigned Account Manager will answer questions on your behalf, point to your website, to articles and other resources about your products and brands and will engage with interested prospects on your Social Sites on your behalf.