Online Media Campus

The Online Media Campus ist an innovative and cool looking website featuring your media content and live streams, and provides numerous great features for your viewers.

Take a look at the most important features:

  • Bitrate-adaptive VOD player with your VOD archive (automatically switches to the Live-Player during live events)
  • Bitrate-adaptive Live Streaming player
  • Adaptive event-countdown
  • Live-Chat
  • Facebook commenting feature
  • Your Facebook page feed (automatically switches to the Live-Chat during live events)
  • Notes integration (to upload notes, scripts, PDFs etc. for your viewers)
  • Optional: A link to your online donation tool
  • For our church clients: Bible Reference Tool (for your viewers to read along and take their own notes)
  • Easy Ad-Banner exchange (to advertise for your products, events, websites and services)
  • Mobile Version (built-in device detection pulls the version that fits your viewers' screen resolutions)
  • Customizable Design: Your logo, your background image

Are you missing a feature? No problem! The Online Media Campus can be extended with lots of other great features anytime. The Standard Online Media Campus with the features listed above is included in selected packages.

Take a look at our Showcase Online Media Campus

Interested? Contact us via our contact form or schedule a callback and we will be glad to introduce you to the Lightcast Online Media Campus.