The Website Process

How it works

Simply tell us about your project, your goals, your requirements, the target groups you want to reach, your design preferences, examples of websites and designs you liked and specific features/functionalities your new website should have.

We will give you an estimate and time-frame and contribute creative ideas and business-minded insights on opportunities and technologies that are available and may benefit your project.

Costs, Payment

We offer two billing methods:

1. post billing with down-payment at standard hourly rates

2. discounted prepaid hourly rates (cheapest and most popular)

Exclusively for qualifying not-for-profit orgnization: corresponding with the estimated developer hours we will recommend a prepaid contingent of developer hours at a highly discounted rate (up to 55% discount!).

Content migration

We recommend to have Lightcast migrate a portion of the content from your old website or from Word documents you deliver. This can be very helpful for orientation in the CMS of the new website, allowing your team to easily import the remaining content or add new content. This has proven to be the most cost-efficient and smartest solution in the interest of our clients - as it conserves costly developer hours (by making your in-house team responsible for content development) but gives you a great head-start (by providing pages with existing content on your new website, rather than empty pages).

CMS documentation and website manual

The most cost efficient solution is to order a basic manual and documentation for your website allowing you to easily get started with adding, modifying and removing content on your new website and to manage its core features. If you wish to have the WordPress Manual extended with specific features and requirements please just say the word and we will build it for you.

Website and CMS support/coaching/training

Lightcast optionally supports your website long-term and continously coaches and trains your team in regards to content management and website extensions. Lightcast does not charge for this automatically because many of our clients do not need continous support but are able to administrate their websites on their own. Lightcast is always available and at your service as little or as much as you need us (and anything in between).

Browsers and devices

All websites developed by are compatible with all common and most significant browsers and operating systems on stationary devices: Windows, OSX, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer. Beyond the standard compatibility, offers the development of mobile versions of your website, optimized for: Safari on iPad, Standard Browsers on Android Tablets, Internet Explorer on Windows 8 Tablets (Surface) as well as Smart Phone versions for Safari on iPhone, Standard Browsers on Android Phones and Windows Phones.

Request a callback from a Lightcast Web Development Specialist to discuss your website project and requirements.