Using Geolocation Targeting To Reach Local Audiences in Your OTT Ad Campaign

OTT streaming ad campaigns can help you reach thousands or even millions of content viewers. However, not all ad views are likely to convert into a click or a sale. Ideally, you need your target audience to view your ads. To do that, you need to know what your ideal customer watches. More importantly, you also need to know where they are. Geolocation targeting is a method to help your ads reach the right people in the right places.

Using Geolocation Targeting to Reach Local Audiences in Your OTT Ad Campaign

Geolocation Targeting Boosts OTT Advertising Efficacy

Any time your products or services can be particularly relevant in a given area, geolocation targeting becomes an excellent advertising strategy. Studies show that targeting users in a specific area with a relevant product or service makes them more likely to investigate further and convert into a sale. Naturally, if you're a brick-and-mortar location, then you must focus your advertising on your local territory. For instance, a local restaurant can affordably use OTT advertising to market to their region.

However, even if your service isn't tied to a specific location, you can use this strategy to secure more sales. For example, if your business provides tax consulting, you could run an OTT ad that only targets people in a specific state with information about new tax policies or how your services can lower their tax burden. The more relevant the ad feels, the more likely it is to generate leads.

Matching Interests and Locations to OTT Streaming Content

For maximum effect, you should try to attach your ads to the content your ideal customer watches. A test prep company could aim to put their ads on content that provides test taking tips, for example. However, the more niche your product or service, the harder it is to find content that reaches a wide audience. Think about what other topics your typical customer would be interested in and how you can leverage OTT streaming ads to reach more customers.

A company that makes hiking gear could attach their ads to popular outdoors vlog creators that reach millions. Now, combine this approach with geolocation targeting, and you're off to the races. For users in Colorado, where hiking is extremely popular, a video about outdoor activities in the mountains is sure to be a hit.

Target Users Across Multiple Platforms

The third variable to consider is which OTT platform to put your ads on. While you could potentially choose just one, you'd be leaving potential leads on the table. Consider your demographics and where the most relevant content for your ad placement tends to be posted. Younger users tend to be on newer platforms like TikTok and Twitch, while older demographics are more likely to use OTT TV services, including Smart TV apps.

Rather than configuring your OTT advertising for each and every service, you can simplify your ad campaign by using a single service to push your ads to where they'll have the most impact. Schedule a callback from Lightcast to learn how our universal OTT software can bring your ads to the right people across all platforms.